About Symphera


Symphera is a Training and Consultancy Company focusing on Project Management.

We bring experience to our customers. This experience is combined with the world-wide recognized standards and best practice. We are always looking for better ways to deliver projects and fine tuning for most effective tuition.

Our strength lies then in offering our clients a complete solution, rather than just training or consultancy.

Symphera is based in Prague, Czech Republic, but is also helping its customers in Slovakia, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium. To respond to all-round demand, we continue to extend our range of offerings. 

Why the name Symphera?

Our mission is “to find the best from project and people management and help our client to profit from it”.

The name of the company best representing the above statement was found in the Bible – the book where the founder and owner of Symphera often seeks guidance for his life and business.

Symphero (ΣυμΦερω)
- to bring together
- to collect or contribute in order to help
- to help, be profitable, be expedient

“I kept back nothing that was profitable unto you, but have showed you, and have taught you publicly …”
Bible, Acts 20:20

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  • Telefónica Slovakia, s.r.o.
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  • Avast
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  • Economia
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  • Atos IT Solutions and Services
  • AVG
  • CBRE Global Investors
  • McDonald

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