Communication on projects

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What will you learn?

  • You become more familiar with all aspects of communication with customer; accomplish your arguments against client and improve your preparation for communication with client.
  • How to identify the best communication channels on projects.
  • That Project Managers must spend 70% -90% of their time communicating.
  • How to plan and manage communication on projects; how to develop communication plan.
  • Understanding the communication context; how proper project organization, roles and responsibilities can make the communication flow easier.
  • Understanding the communication needs, how to perform the stakeholder analysis.
  • How to make concise reporting, how to escalate efficiently, and learn how tolerances can avoid improper escallation
  • How to describe the principles of effective communication;
  • How to recognize the pitfalls of common barriers, barriers in communication and how to prevent them, in spoken and written form.
  • Principles of effective document's writing and principles of writing long documents.
  • How proper communication and listening techniques can solve problems and prevent conflicts.

Lenght: 1 Day
PDU: 7
Training language: Czech
Price: 7.200 Kč + VAT


  • Project Context: Organization, Roles, and Governance
  • Stakeholders Analysis
  • Communication Tools, Reports
  • Communication Plan
  • Ability to listen, Directing and Influencing
  • Problem solving and Coaching
  • Way of Effective Communication
  • Effective Writing

For who is the course designed?

Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Consultants, Directors nd other project team members who use Project Management in practice and need to strengthen their knowledge in effective communication with all stakeholders on project.

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