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„Leadership is an art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible." Colin Powell (2002)

"How to become a good leader?" At the Leadership course, we will look at this topic in a completely unique, comprehensive way. We will talk about how to become a leader, what are the individual building blocks of leadership and finally, where, and how should a leader lead his team, what is his goal. Through a simple assessment, you will be able to evaluate your leadership skills and create your own action plan.

You will get acquainted with best practices and interesting methods in the field of team leadership, some of them will be practiced directly. You will have the opportunity to talk about specific problems and possible solutions with an experienced project manager and leader. The content of the training is passed on in a lively and interactive form with the aim to not only teach new skills, but mainly to motivate their use in practice.

The course covers some other areas - such as Time Management and Communication, which are very extensive topics. Therefore, we recommend following separate trainings that deal with these topics in depth. All courses are based on proven concepts (Stephen Covey, the Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory, the role of the Belbin team, A. Maslow, Blake Mouton Managerial Grid, Pierre Martineau, George Gallup, Kevin Kruse, Simon Sinek, David Marquet, Dan Heath, John Maxwell , Jack Welch, and others), and will bring tried and practically tested findings to the participants.

Course goals

  • Use the short Leadership Assessment to find out where you stand as a leader
  • You will understand the complexity of the Leadership topic, and you will have the opportunity to focus on the areas that are momentarily important to you as a leader, and how to grow in them
  • Create your own action plan based on the acquired knowledge
  • Understand why it is important to have a vision and how to communicate it with enthusiasm and energy
  • You will know the best way of building a team and what its life cycle is
  • You will understand the prerequisites for a well-functioning team
  • Learn how to influence and motivate people to become leaders themselves

OCourse syllabus


1) PERSONALITY - personal brand and its building. Values. Who are you if you didn't have an existing position? Why would I want to follow you?

2) VISION - what is your vision in your roles? Do you have a passion, can you pass it on? Psychology and structure of the vision and its communication.

3) EXECUTION - leader with a vision without the ability to deliver is a dreamer. Self-organization, courage, and energy.

 4) PEOPLE ORIENTATION - one thing is to be a personality; another is the ability to lead people. Do you know how to create an environment of trust, how to listen, and lead with love?


2. DEN „TEAM" 

1) TEAM - how to put together a team and surround yourself with the right people. Typology and dynamics of the team. How not to treat everyone the same.

2) CONTROL - when to use what type of leadership. How to pass control through the corresponding growth of "competence and clarity".

3) MOTIVATION AND REWARDING - how to help the team with long-term performance while achieving a permanent smile on their face? Regularities of motivation. Linking reward and performance.

4) GROW THEM - the leader's goal, at work and at home, is to have people grow beyond him and continue on. How to build a team that will excel independently of your presence?



Leadeship Spiral - 14.400,- Kč withoutVAT
Duration: 2 days
PDU: 14
Symphera certification

Who is this course for?

This training is intended not only for new, but also experienced leaders to find new ways to lead people correctly. Course participants will gain a new perspective on the role of leader.



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