Personal Development

Developing your people


You are aware of the need to develop your Project Managers, but don't know exactly how?
Why don't we design for you the carrier development path with assessment of your key personnel, progress milestones and training needs?

Complex training programme

The Programme differentiates four management level categories:

Each category is offered a recommended training programme in the form of individual trainings,
which can be planned in the long term, or individually.   

Project management path from Knowledge to Practice & Certification 

Further information on the entire programme can be found in our booklet:

Cesta projektovým řízením od poznání k praxi i certifikaci (soubor PDF, 930 KB)

Programme benefits

  • We will help you to start a path of your own personal development based on your needs and preferences.
  • You will get acquainted with the best Project Management practice, you will try to solve real-world exercises, or discuss critical cases with the trainer, etc.
  • You will acquire new skills and strengthen your knowledge and capabilities in other areas needed in your profession.
  • Forget about theoretical books interpretation. Our trainings are given in an entertaining form with the aim of providing comprehensible and easy-to-manage interpretation.  
  • Enrich your carrier portfolio with internationally-recognized certificates.
Our goal is not only to maximize the project and programme management qualification in companies or individually, but we wish to motivate our trainings' participants to develop the acquired knowledge in practice. Keep in mind, however, that even the best training programme will provide the managers with maximum benefits only if they are willing to further educate themselves on their own.

“Dear Martin,

Back in office I am still very impressed from the professional and effective training framed on a pictured storyline you provided to us in Maastricht - and of course that I passed the exam. I will now continue to transfer this knowledge into practice.

I felt I should let you know this.
Thanks again!"

Nancy Leppig-Schneider
HR Development, Deutsche Post AG

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