MSP training from Symphera showed us why many of our change programmes fail before completion and what is needed to succeed. Applying the recommended steps increased the percentage of successful changes, those really achieving planned benefits. Or, at the very least, it helped us to identify which were going wrong, and to take corrective measures, including timely cancellation of a programme and saving significant money and effort.

Ivo Horský
VP Engineering 


A full week of training on PRINCE2® material, which is not always exciting, could quickly get boring. Martin Klusoň, however, has instructor abilities to keep the attention of trainees through the boring parts using practical examples. To-the-point advice and a clear summary of the essentials of the material have proved beneficial in view of the good exam results of the attendees in our group. Symphera and especially Martin set the standard for PRINCE2® training for me. If I am asked to organize another PRINCE2® or related training course, Symphera will be my first point of contact.

Ronald van der Meulen
Global Customisation Team Manager
Acision Netherlands


"In the preceding year, 2011, I had attended the PRINCE2® training organized and delivered by Symphera, tailored for our employees. Martin Klusoň is a great speaker who can enrich the topic with interesting practical examples, and keep people's attention throughout the training. Although the course was very demanding (the course itself, as well as the homework), all colleagues really like to look back on it. The excellent course score testifies to well above average results, since out of 65 participants, 62 people passed the Practitioner test. A big vote of thanks also goes to Martin's colleagues and the perfect organization of the course setting." 

Tereza Matoušková
Project Support Office Manager


"I have always said that nobody can get better training on project management than from Martin Klusoň. Now the managers in my team have convinced themselves of it. Although the training, including the final Practitioner exam, was quite challenging, I have received only positive feedback. Unanimously, they were all thrilled! Thanks for the excellent cooperation!"

Radomír Antoš
VP Engineering, Brno 


"Symphera's PRINCE2® certification training was correctly tailored for our needs in an AGILE operating environment. Organizational training has already made a great impact to unify diverse project teams and functional groups into a single knowledgeable unit."

James Nichols
Team Manager, USA, Virginie


" I have to say that the content and organization of the PRINCE2® training led by Martin Klusoň was of top quality. I consider it as exemplifying ideally managed training. As for Martin Klusoň, his deep knowledge of the subject is self-evident. In particular, I admire his ability to actively draw all the participants into, what seem at first sight, topics of lesser importance. Martin created a very pleasant and constructive atmosphere, thanks to his humorously presented practical experience which was easy to remember.
My results in the Foundation and Practitioner examinations have only confirmed that this approach was the right one."

Filip Kupsa
Project Manager 


"I have known Martin Klusoň for many years now as a colleague and a trainer from Symphera. It is obvious that his courses are backed up by many years of experience as a very successful Project Manager."

Jiří Turek
Operations Director CZ 


"Our teams, who develop key products for the world's largest telecommunication companies, can't afford any mistake or delay. Symphera's project courses are helping us to achieve this. Their courses are built on a rare combination of experience in Project Management, an excellent mastering of the methodology and due practicality. Such a combination is generally very hard to find."

Ivo Horský
Chief Solution Architect, Acision 

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