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I met Mr M. Klusoň in 2013 when he led the PRINCE® training that I attended as a trainee. The training was split into 2 parts so I had a chance to attend two different training sessions.
Mr Klusoň demonstrated not only a deep knowledge of PRINCE®, as a methodology, but he was also able to give good examples from real life and to help to apply what we had learned in the real situations students came up against. I especially appreciated that he used various techniques to let students remember the key important facts, which made learning more interesting and efficient.
The activities were appropriate to the subjects of the courses. Mr Klusoň let the students discuss throughout, the discussion was managed well and resulted in a clear and understandable lesson. Both times he actively helped students to prepare for the PRINCE® examinations (Foundation and Practitioner).
The performance of Mr Klusoň as the teacher of the PRINCE® courses I attended exceeded my personal expectations.

Vojtěch Wostrý
Business Manager HTTS 

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