We have been cooperating with Martin Klusoň and Symphera in educating the members of our PMO for several years. Over this long period of time we have greatly appreciated the utmost clarity of presentation meshed with genuine experience and business cases. What I find unique is Martin's ability to tailor every course to the Client's needs and demands, which is, in our case, the minimum of theoretical preparation and the greatest possible learning by experience, especially through diverse role-plays. The usefulness of this approach and Martin's precision showed up lately in Contract, management and negotiation training. It was excellently prepared as an overall exercise, where teams with different negotiation goals met and argued their case with each other, and moreover, were confronted with senior management expectations. Martin showed his extensive experience on both sides of barricade and deeply probed the negotiations skills of our team members, together with their ability to creatively find a win-win solution. It is self-evident that such courses leave us in no doubt about continuing our cooperation, bringing us more and more fresh impulses and experience.

Jan Macek
Senior Director Program Management 


I had the opportunity to participate in several courses under the guidance of Martin Klusoň, specifically the course focused on PMI certification, "The Challenge of Egypt" simulation game and "Stakeholder Management" training.
All the courses exceeded our expectations, being excellent from the content as well as supporting material points of view. At every moment you can see you are in the hands of professionals in the field.
The persona of Martin Klusoň can be assessed only in superlative terms. Martin has the ability to combine profound theoretical knowledge of methodologies, principles, and techniques with his unique experience. Martin explains individual issues in ordinary language, followed by practical experience-based examples which shed light on complex problems in a simple, accurate and easy-to-remember way, with immediate relevance to specific real-life situations. Considering the course content, the quality of supporting materials, the professional organization focused at the necessary level of detail, and the persona of Martin Klusoň, I dare say we had the very best the market currently has to offer.
In my view, ongoing cooperation with Martin and Symphera is a must for improving the quality of knowledge, skills and motivation of our team members.

Petr Mahdal
Program Director 

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