BSC Praha

Before I attended the course, I had mixed feelings about the methodology. Colleagues who had been on a PRINCE2 course with another company are less than convinced about the methodology. Especially since their tuition had been quite poor. Those students had had to prepare for such a demanding course almost all by themselves and the course wasn't worthwhile for them except for the fact they got certified. Because the Symphera course had been recommended to me, I wondered what the course would be like. Fortunately, my opinion on PRINCE2 methodology is very different from that of my colleagues, especially thanks to the excellent way of explanation of the methodology and the way the course was led. Martin Klusoň knows what he's talking about. Not only does he know the PRINCE2 manual off by heart, he has managed a whole number of projects in real life, which greatly helps students in understanding the methodology and its subsequent application in practice. I will definitely use the knowledge I gained from the course in my work and my thanks belong to Symphera for this experience. I shall definitely recommend this course, directed by Mr Klusoň, to any who might hesitate.

Ondřej Motlík
Software Development Group Manager 

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