My esteem for the training's quality is definitely very high. Martin Klusoň is conversant with the PRINCE2® methodology very well, on top of which he is able to effectively convey to attendees the information necessary to master the methodology and pass the certification examination.

Miroslav Král
Junior Project Manager, Logica


Both from the course attendees and their line manager's points of view, Martin Klusoň is without doubt one of the best trainers working for us. He knows the methodology very precisely, his own project results earn a lot of respect and he can pass his knowledge to the course attendees.

Zuzana Treglerová
HR Director, Logica


Martin Klusoň connects two worlds, which complement perfectly. On his trainings one can tell, that Martin is not just a trainer, but he's got a whole range of hard and complex projects behind him. And as a Project Manager, he gains from excellent knowledge of the methodology.

Peter Morvic
Operations Director, Logica


Martin Klusoň's approach exactly meets our customer's needs. He works with project methodology in order to practically support the business of our customers. This is something rarely found on the market. And, Martin manages this like very few others.  

Erich Hulman
Country Manager, Logica SK


I was wondering how project's portfolio can be managed effectively, what experts recommend if strategic changes occurs in organization or how such procedures can be effectively planned and how the impacts should be assessed .
I am glad I had the opportunity to visit the first certification course of this type the „Management of Portfolio" at Foundation level. The course met all my expectations and I believe that the benefits are behind a door :-)
I highly recommend the course to all potential candidates and even more because from Symphera you always get the quality garanteed.

Andrej Cibulka
Delivery Director Czech Republic, Slovakia and Eastern Europe, CGI Slovakia

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