Symphera is well known to ČSOB as a reliable supplier, and as usual we weren't disappointed. I needed to do something for my department of Project Managers which would advance their own self-motivation, yet on the other hand would give me an independent view on the professionalism of the individuals in my team.
Thanks to PM Assessment I received a comprehensive competencies evaluation of all PMs, an independent expert view, a market benchmark, and last but not least, recommended areas for further development.
In the resulting report, other things aside, everyone could compare their own capabilities against the market, which was also greatly appreciated.
Cooperation with our Symphera colleagues has completely fulfilled my expectations once again. It's good to have a team of professionals around who know what they're doing ... and they do it really well.

Marek Kmoch
Výkonný manažer útvaru
Podpora řízení projektového portfolia 


The PRINCE2® training under Symphera´s direction was provided in an excellent way. During all three days the topics were discussed with grace, but also with an emphasis on the quality needed to pass the exam. Both trainers were able to add their practical experience which significantly helped us understand individual areas and any snags which might remain misunderstood with only a theoretical rendition. The Symphera approach is absolutely professional not only during the course, but also in overall organisation. I am made to feel I am an important customer.

Jan Svoboda
Project manager 


We have been cooperating with Symphera over many years and given this experience we are absolutely satisfied. This year we took our cooperation a little further. Symphera is helping us with projects now, besides providing regular courses for our colleagues. This time we looked at the assessment of selected projects within a bank. The purpose of the analysis was to identify the major project management shortcomings and to outline recommendations on how to improve project delivery.
With Symphera's professional supervision we did the analysis in accordance with the PRINCE2® maturity model and best practices. The Consultant‘s experience and expertise helped us to better understand the context and to grasp the whole analysis effectively in a relatively short time and with beneficial results.
Again, I see how useful it is to work with professionals. I particularly appreciate Martin's undeniable practical experience which he can present in a simple and clear way.
I am glad that I can say, once again, "Thank you, Symphera!"

Tomáš Vršťala
Director, Demand Management Office 


"The simulation game "The Challenge of Egypt" is a great simulation of a real big project - the team faces real time stress, needing to cooperate and help each other while keeping management informed and, most importantly, needs to deliver what is required. The game gives the impression of such a real situation that there is no time to "pretend" anything - learned precepts go away and everyone acts like in real life. Even the external viewpoint and feedback is very helpful, for each individual as well as for the entire team.
I am not sure if it was an advantage or disadvantage that participants knew each other through their work together, as their respect for their real structures and relations was more or less evident most of the time. Anyway, that day is one we all consider to have been not only a nice, but also a highly beneficial day for everyone." 

Jana Púllová
Project Manager 


"Martin Klusoň is not just excellent tutor, he is also the true professional with plenty of experience. The Project Planning training contained a well-balanced mix of theory and practice. We also had a chance to discuss our own issues from our real-world projects, and solved them in the context of the training. It was the same with the PRINCE2® methodology, which was also explained by drawing on particular examples from Martin's working experience. I consider the Project Planning course very useful for myself as well as my team."

Jan Novák


"When I think about the Project Planning course led by Mr. Klusoň, I remember it as one of the best courses I have ever participated in. It is evident that the trainer is the right person in the right place, being not just a theorist and "letter-perfect", but it is obvious he has many years of experience, which are all-too-important for a great tutor. He led the training in such a professional manner, which draw our attention and kept the participants from falling asleep after lunch :). I see the project planning philosophy (the approach to project planning) as very useful and applicable not only for projects, but generally on any of the work duties we face every day."

Petra Kubrová
Finacial Analyst 

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