I was thrilled with the PRINCE2 Foundation course and left it energized about the sound merits of project management. The three days were demanding, but went by in a very pleasant and professional atmosphere. It is hard work to keep the interest and attention of participants the whole time, but Martin Klusoň had no trouble achieving that, while his practical examples from experience brought the topic to life. The course gave me the expert foundation I had expected, but also the enthusiasm for work to come.
I unreservedly recommend this course to other colleagues.


     Kateřina Šturmová
     Projektový manažer
     Česká pojišťovna

The "programme management" course was useful to me, with 3 course streams: Programme management; English used in Programme management; Networking.
Although I had managed the direct banking development programme in Česká Spořitelna, including client migration (2004-6), as well as the social support system card, the so-called sKarta (2012-13) the course brought me a number of theory-founded how-to's, and most particularly a structure through which to manage key stakeholder expectations and the interplay between projects. Thanks to the marvellous tutor, John B Vivian, who got his experience in the US private sector and the UK state sector, the course was not dull in content, in fact thanks to his British sense of humour it was distinctly entertaining.
I would recommend the course to anyone working for the state sector, or directly within it. I am sure that the methodologies and principles which served to build London's infrastructure for the 2012 Olympics and are now being deployed for the football World Cup in Qatar (2022) are as good for the private sector as they are for the public sector. I would recommend this course to Czech civil service professional project managers at local level as much as to the EU structures in Brussels.
Last but not least, I consider it very enlightening to spend 50 hours in a week-long practical course, with a final test, in the company of people based in IT, internet security, consulting and banking, with their wide range of practical experiences and diverse viewpoints and approaches to case studies.


        Rostislav Schwarz
        NESS Czech

When I was searching for a company with which I wanted to take the PRINCE2 course Symphera definitely won. Mainly due to the number of positive references from their customers. And I am glad taht my choice was right. It did not disappoint me at all. On the contratry, even though I expected professional approach and high quality, the week that I have spent with a PRINCE2 methodology supervised by M. Klusoň and with other participants, it all has exceeded my expectations since it was not only educational but also entertaining. Training even motivated me to perform my work a bit more conscientiously and properly and reassured me to remember that the quality of our work is really important in any way. My thanks belong to all who stand behind the training!  
                                                       Martina Jiráčková
       Project Manager
       Ideal Standard International
I was wondering how project's portfolio can be managed effectively, what experts recommend if strategic changes occurs in organization or how such procedures can be effectively planned and how the impacts should be assessed . I am glad I had the opportunity to visit the first certification course of this type the „Management of Portfolio" at Foundation level. The course met all my expectations and I believe that the benefits are behind a door :-)
I highly recommend the course to all potential candidates and even more because from Symphera you always get the quality garanteed.
         Andrej Cibulka
         Delivery Director
         Czech Republic, Slovakia and Eastern Europe
         CGI Slovakia
I evaluate the PRINCE2 Foundation & Combined courses from Symphera as one of the best courses I have ever attended. After your registration to the course, you immediately get taken care of by several nice young ladies, who prepare you organizationally for the course and before the course they provide you with the required materials including study instructions.
The course itself, which I completed in 5 days, was led by Martin Klusoň, who managed to keep my attention and interest the whole time.
The pre-course materials including the PRINCE2 Manual are very professional and they are explained in such a way that you are thoroughly prepared for the certification exams. The extensive theory is explained simply, logically and with examples from actual practice, often in an entertaining way.
This is really one of the courses I would recommend not only to my colleagues but even to my best friend :-)
       David Strnad
       Business analyst / IT PM
Before I attended the course, I had mixed feelings about the methodology. Colleagues who had been on a PRINCE2 course with another company are less than convinced about the methodology. Especially since their tuition had been quite poor. Those students had had to prepare for such a demanding course almost all by themselves and the course wasn't worthwhile for them except for the fact they got certified. Because the Symphera course had been recommended to me, I wondered what the course would be like. Fortunately, my opinion on PRINCE2 methodology is very different from that of my colleagues, especially thanks to the excellent way of explanation of the methodology and the way the course was led. Martin Klusoň knows what he's talking about. Not only does he know the PRINCE2 manual off by heart, he has managed a whole number of projects in real life, which greatly helps students in understanding the methodology and its subsequent application in practice. I will definitely use the knowledge I gained from the course in my work and my thanks belong to Symphera for this experience. I shall definitely recommend this course, directed by Mr Klusoň, to any who might hesitate.       
      Ondřej Motlík
      Software Development Group Manager
I strongly advise not to underestimate the PRINCE2 pre-course preparation :-). Due to various circumstances I did not have much time for the preparation, but the efforts of Mr. Klusoň greatly helped me to quickly grasp the basic facts and that is why I managed to pass the Foundation exam with quite a high score. The course delivered by Mr. Klusoň was certainly very beneficial for me and I very much appreciate his professionalism and immediate responses to questions, including case studies from a real-world business environment.       
       Martin Růžička
      Incident Management Lead
      - EMEA region & ITSCM Global Lead
I am very pleased that all of my colleagues in Linaset ratedevaluated the course absolutely positively at the end of the day. The Introduction to Project Management fulfilled all of my expectations. Participants appreciated this course a lot and I have been asked to organize some courses like itsimilar course soon. After the course we had a few discussions about the project management and general projects issues. This course opened my colleagues's eyes and helped them to see a whole range of project management issues and in their context. I am really gratefulThe positive feedback is mostly thanks to for the perfect explanation and presentation style way of presentation of Mr. Martin Klusoňn. I see now that the feedbacks were so positive mainly thanks to him. Thank you.      
      Marek Palla
Head of Project Management Office
I attended the PRINCE2 Foundation course under the direction of Martin Klusoň from Symphera. Within the first day he dispelled all my initial fears about the difficulty of the course, which covers a huge amount of information and management practices in only three days. As a tutor, Martin Klusoň surprised me with his approach, his ability to adapt to the mix of participants and his ability to describe everything understandably for each one of us. His exact citation of texts "off pat" and his great analogies from practical experience kept the rendition fresh and held the attention of all participants. Martin Klusoň motivated me even to complete my homework, without which it would have been quite difficult for me to pass the final exam. The course exceeded all my expectations and gave me lots of valuable knowledge and experience for my work. I definitely recommend this course.       
      Antonín Hladík
Project Manager
Before I attended the PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner course I was a bit afraid of the difficulty of the course. However, I was quite surprised thatdespite the fact it is a difficult and intensive course, the lecturer Martin Klusoň managed to explain to us "the students" everything so clearly and with the emphasis on practical experience. Now - several weeks after the course - I realize even more the applicability of the PRINCE2 methodology in the real life of a project manager. The knowledge of the PRINCE2 methodology helps me to move forward in my practical work, enables me to realize what is important in the project and what I should "keep in mind ".   
      Zdeňka Kličková
 In 2013 I attended Symphera PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course under Martin Kluson´s direction. My initial fears about the difficulty of the course, which in four days cover a wealth of information and management practices, disappeared immediately on the first day of the course.
Lecturer Martin Kluson surprised me with his approach, ability to adapt to the composition of the participants and ability to describe everything by understandable way for each one of us. His exact citation of texts "straight away" and his great analogies from the experience refreshed the interpretation and retained the attention of all participants. Martin Kluson motivated me even to fulfill my homework, without which it would be quite difficult for me to pass the final exam.
The course exceeded all of my expectations and gave me a lot of valuable knowledge and experience for my work. I definitely recommend this course.

      Zdeňka Pokorná


We looked for the right PRINCE2 course supplier for some time and we have been quite carefull with our choice. I was the first from the group who participate the course and I'm glad to say that the choice we made was the best one.
My primary intention was not just about getting the certificate. With methodology I have moved in my project thinking, and now I can see some mistakes that even an experienced project manager can do due to work blindness from unvaried projects.
I will definitely recommend this course to other colleagues. And also It should be noted that the quality of the training is enormous work of the trainer himself. Thanks to Martin Kluson, his way of interpretation, practical examples, personal experience and overall conception the course gets another dimension. It definitely has exceeded my expectations and the knowledge gained can be undoubtebly applied in practice.

      Miloš Bílek

      vedoucí oddělení projektů

We are in long-term cooperation with Symphera. They are one of our top project management trainings supplier and provide us with courses such as for instance PRINCE2, Agile, MSP, Earned Value Management ...etc.  And nowadays their experienced consultants help us with individual projects as well. 
Feedbacks from my colleagues speak clearly. The benchmark of satisfaction and success is on the highest level, mainly due to the qualities of Mr. Martin Kluson. Adding up the benefits so far, further coopearation has a clear sense for us and we look forward to the next shared experiences.

       Andrea Hnatová
Training & Development Coordinator

Cooperation with Symphera definitely met our expectations. Thanks to the excellent presentation of Project Management methodology (PRINCE2®), given by Martin Klusoň, we will be able to unify our project language, even though its use is not that common in our field (science and research) within the Czech Republic. The tutor’s willingness to highlight practical examples makes the training, as well as the knowledge gained, applicable across many disciplines. I can certainly say that the investment made in gaining certification was definitely worthwhile for the whole team.       
       Roman Badík
Project manager
Prior to the training, we had been looking for a suitable solution for some time and had also attended demonstration courses at various companies. We are glad that we finally decided to cooperate with Symphera, who adapted the course to our specific requirements. In the past, we had managed projects, whether big or small, rather intuitively. This led to unnecessary errors, since we didn't understand some issues altogether well. The course given, "Introduction to Project Management", gave us comprehensive knowledge in this field, in particular how to proceed through project development and how to coordinate ongoing projects (planning, project organization, risk management, control and security, resources needed to achieve the objectives, project evaluation or closure of the project, etc.). Big thanks go to the trainer, Mr. Martin Klusoň, who took us through a full range of interesting topics and enriched the training with his own wealth of practical experience. The course definitely met our expectations and needs, and the knowledge gained can be applied to great effect in everyday business practice.            
       CCFT Services, s.r.o.
       (Francouzsko-česká obchodní komora)

       Jaroslav Hubata-Vacek
Director at Chambre de Commerce Franco-Tcheque
 Symphera is well known to ČSOB as a reliable supplier, and as usual we weren't disappointed. I needed to do something for my department of Project Managers which would advance their own self-motivation, yet on the other hand would give me an independent view on the professionalism of the individuals in my team. Thanks to PM Assessment I received a comprehensive competencies evaluation of all PMs, an independent expert view, a market benchmark, and last but not least, recommended areas for further development. In the resulting report, other things aside, everyone could compare their own capabilities against the market, which was also greatly appreciated.
Cooperation with our Symphera colleagues has completely fulfilled my expectations once again. It's good to have a team of professionals around who know what they're doing ... and they do it really well.
       Československá obchodní banka, a.s.
       Marek Kmoch
       Výkonný manažer útvaru
       Podpora řízení projektového portfolia

I have tried to choose the provider of the PRINCE2® course very carefully. After my participation I can only state that I am completely satisfied with my choice. The course met all my expectations. Some were even exceeded. The way the methodology was explained, the extensive knowledge of issues shown by the tutor and his evident experience, this all speaks for itself. I don't perceive the course only as a quest to get certification. Thanks to the training I have moved forward in my project management thinking and scope. I will gladly recommend Symphera at any time as the top provider of PRINCE2® courses.
       Marek Mach
       Senior Project Manager

My colleagues and I were most interested in agile principles and limitations with a view to using the agile approach on our projects, and I can say I really gained this knowledge. Without any doubt, the Agile Foundation course fulfilled our expectations and our impression was altogether positive. The whole team progressed a bit further once again and I am very pleased to say that we all successfully passed the Foundation exam. We look forward to receiving the Agile certificate, confirming our knowledge.
       Michal Baxa
       Project manager
The PRINCE2® training under Symphera´s direction was provided in an excellent way. During all three days the topics were discussed with grace, but also with an emphasis on the quality needed to pass the exam. Both trainers were able to add their practical experience which significantly helped us understand individual areas and any snags which might remain misunderstood with only a theoretical rendition. The Symphera approach is absolutely professional not only during the course, but also in overall organisation. I am made to feel I am an important customer.        Československá obchodní banka, a.s.
       Jan Svoboda
       Project manager
The training was really amazing. I am absolutely thrilled by the professional approach as well as the content of the training, since it was full of practical examples. This helped me a lot with my perception of the whole context and now I can imagine much better how to implement the methodology on projects.
I also found very useful that the tutor is not just a theoretical storyteller, but has a wealth of practical experience, which he shares with the delegates. The training thus has a whole extra dimension. I definitely got what I expected and wanted to know. I am very delighted to recommend you as the best PRINCE2® provider. I am also glad I was advised to choose your training.
      KBC Group NV Czech Branch
      Lucie Hörzenberger-Tečová

      Koordiátor změnových řízení - senior
We have been cooperating with Martin Klusoň and Symphera in educating the members of our PMO for several years. Over this long period of time we have greatly appreciated the utmost clarity of presentation meshed with genuine experience and business cases. What I find unique is Martin's ability to tailor every course to the Client's needs and demands, which is, in our case, the minimum of theoretical preparation and the greatest possible learning by experience, especially through diverse role-plays. The usefulness of this approach and Martin's precision showed up lately in Contract, management and negotiation training. It was excellently prepared as an overall exercise, where teams with different negotiation goals met and argued their case with each other, and moreover, were confronted with senior management expectations. Martin showed his extensive experience on both sides of barricade and deeply probed the negotiations skills of our team members, together with their ability to creatively find a win-win solution. It is self-evident that such courses leave us in no doubt about continuing our cooperation, bringing us more and more fresh impulses and experience.

      Jan Macek

      Senior Director Program Management

The course was very inspiring for me and I would like to thank Symphera, as well as Martin Klusoň personally. His enthusiasm and the approach throughout the course were simply fantastic.      
      Ing. František Hubálek

      Head of Games and Bets dpt.

MSP training from Symphera showed us why many of our change programmes fail before completion and what is needed to succeed. Applying the recommended steps increased the percentage of successful changes, those really achieving planned benefits. Or, at the very least, it helped us to identify which were going wrong, and to take corrective measures, including timely cancellation of a programme and saving significant money and effort.

      Ivo Horský
      VP Engineering
Even though I am not a typical Project Manager, I was absolutely sure about my choice - the PRINCE2® course. My biggest expectation and motivation was to align my language with the customer, to be able to deliver the product as a real project. I am definitely enriched by the course, especially thanks to the personality of Martin Klusoň, and definitely feel I have already progressed. I am glad that I decided on the Symphera course and I am sure it wasn't my last encounter together.

      Petr Kadlec
      Senior consultant
In June 2013 I attended a two day PRINCE2® Practitioner course (with the exam taking place on the third day), led by Martin Klusoň. Given that I passed the Foundation exam a long time ago, I needed to refresh the methodology quite a bit. In spite of my doubts whether this could be done within two days, at the end of the day the course exceeded all my expectations. It was obvious with each topic that the trainer knew what he was talking about and that he managed to highlight the most important facts for the exams itself. I thank Martin Klusoň very much for very good preparation, as well as Petra Rejsová, for the excellent organisation.

      Vladimír Měchura
Customer Project Manager
The PRINCE2® Foundation training, as delivered by Symphera, was a very positive experience for me. Our trainer managed to keep his audience's attention for a full 3 days, and guided them with apparent ease through the rather extensive curriculum. I believe the high scores attained by our group as a whole are a testimony to that. Mr Klusoň‘s strengths are not only measured by his excellent training capabilities, but it is obvious he has a significant amount of field experience at all levels of project management. This really added value to the course, apart from attaining the actual certificate. As to the contents of the course, I was able to apply many of the things as early as the next week in a project that was just going through its start-up phase.      
      Bram De Backer
Business Transformation Consultant
We have been cooperating with Symphera over many years and given this experience we are absolutely satisfied. This year we took our cooperation a little further. Symphera is helping us with projects now, besides providing regular courses for our colleagues. This time we looked at the assessment of selected projects within a bank. The purpose of the analysis was to identify the major project management shortcomings and to outline recommendations on how to improve project delivery.
With Symphera's professional supervision we did the analysis in accordance with the PRINCE2® maturity model and best practices. The Consultant‘s experience and expertise helped us to better understand the context and to grasp the whole analysis effectively in a relatively short time and with beneficial results.
Again, I see how useful it is to work with professionals. I particularly appreciate Martin's undeniable practical experience which he can present in a simple and clear way.
I am glad that I can say, once again, "Thank you, Symphera!"
        Československá obchodní banka, a. s. 
        Tomáš Vršťala
         Director, Demand Management Office
I met Mr M. Klusoň in 2013 when he led the PRINCE® training that I attended as a trainee. The training was split into 2 parts so I had a chance to attend two different training sessions.
Mr Klusoň demonstrated not only a deep knowledge of PRINCE®, as a methodology, but he was also able to give good examples from real life and to help to apply what we had learned in the real situations students came up against. I especially appreciated that he used various techniques to let students remember the key important facts, which made learning more interesting and efficient.
The activities were appropriate to the subjects of the courses. Mr Klusoň let the students discuss throughout, the discussion was managed well and resulted in a clear and understandable lesson. Both times he actively helped students to prepare for the PRINCE® examinations (Foundation and Practitioner).
The performance of Mr Klusoň as the teacher of the PRINCE® courses I attended exceeded my personal expectations.
      Vojtěch Wostrý
Business Manager HTTS
Mr. Klusoň's charisma and the great way he manages the course Introduction to Project Management moves the course from just regular training to enjoyable, fun.
Practical examples contribute to the quite interesting content of the course and the instructor's theoretical knowledge shows his professional erudition. Altogether, it is very valuable training, primarily thanks to Mr Klusoň´s persona.
      Zdeněk Borovka
Project manager

Although the MSP course is quite intensive, I find the course, under the direction of an experienced instructor Mr. John Vivian, to be very beneficial. I found most interesting how easily the trainer linked theory with practice and highlighted the logic of the whole methodology. To sum up, the course was very useful from the perspective of moving my current experience forward. Even though I'm actually not able to use the whole MSP model immediately, I have already noticed changes in thinking with regard to rigour and implementation methods of complex changes - with positive results. Today, I can certainly say that I am very satisfied with my personal choice of the Symphera course. Thank you!
      Petr Charypar
PQIT / Head of Processes and Quality team

Thanks to the PRINCE2® Foundation course I felt superbly prepared for the exam. Over and above that, it also helped me greatly to clarify the basic methodology principles. Martin Klusoň is a great trainer, who is able to explain the different project management phases on a number of real-life examples. This gives us the best "know-how" to combine theory with practice. I can say that I highly recommend Symphera courses.

       Branislav Beneš
      Delivery Manager   


The Project planning course was my very first and, as I know now, certainly not the last experience with the Symphera as well as with the trainer, Martin Klusoň. I admired not only Mr. Klusoň‘s flexibility to adjust the course content on site to suit the vast majority of the trainees, but also the lightness and professionalism with which he was able to attract the audience - to both the theory, as well as to the practical examples.

       Martina Mecerová
      CPM Project Manager, Centralized Project Management   

I found the PRINCE2® training provided by Symphera very well prepared and for me personally very beneficial. Martin Klusoň is able to present his excellent knowledge of methodology as well as his practical experience in a very interesting and educational way.

       Martin Potančok
      Project Manager   



I had the opportunity to participate in several courses under the guidance of Martin Klusoň, specifically the course focused on PMI certification, "The Challenge of Egypt" simulation game and "Stakeholder Management" training.
All the courses exceeded our expectations, being excellent from the content as well as supporting material points of view. At every moment you can see you are in the hands of professionals in the field.
The persona of Martin Klusoň can be assessed only in superlative terms. Martin has the ability to combine profound theoretical knowledge of methodologies, principles, and techniques with his unique experience. Martin explains individual issues in ordinary language, followed by practical experience-based examples which shed light on complex problems in a simple, accurate and easy-to-remember way, with immediate relevance to specific real-life situations. Considering the course content, the quality of supporting materials, the professional organization focused at the necessary level of detail, and the persona of Martin Klusoň, I dare say we had the very best the market currently has to offer.
In my view, ongoing cooperation with Martin and Symphera is a must for improving the quality of knowledge, skills and motivation of our team members.
       Petr Mahdal
       Program Director
Martin is an excellent trainer. Thanks to his considerable experience in project management he has a great overview, not least about real problems on projects. He can share his experience of how to adapt the methodology to current projects quite wittily and in a very interesting way. I will gladly recommend your company to my friends and colleagues.

        Zdeněk Procházka
        Team and Product manager

A full week of training on PRINCE2® material, which is not always exciting, could quickly get boring. Martin Klusoň, however, has instructor abilities to keep the attention of trainees through the boring parts using practical examples. To-the-point advice and a clear summary of the essentials of the material have proved beneficial in view of the good exam results of the attendees in our group. Symphera and especially Martin set the standard for PRINCE2® training for me. If I am asked to organize another PRINCE2® or related training course, Symphera will be my first point of contact.


      Ronald van der Meulen
Global Customisation Team Manager
      Acision Netherlands
"The simulation game "The Challenge of Egypt" is a great simulation of a real big project - the team faces real time stress, needing to cooperate and help each other while keeping management informed and, most importantly, needs to deliver what is required. The game gives the impression of such a real situation that there is no time to "pretend" anything - learned precepts go away and everyone acts like in real life. Even the external viewpoint and feedback is very helpful, for each individual as well as for the entire team.
I am not sure if it was an advantage or disadvantage that participants knew each other through their work together, as their respect for their real structures and relations was more or less evident most of the time. Anyway, that day is one we all consider to have been not only a nice, but also a highly beneficial day for everyone."
        Československá obchodní banka, a. s. 
        Jana Púllová
         Project Manager
In the preceding year, 2011, I had attended the PRINCE2® training organized and delivered by Symphera, tailored for our employees. Martin Klusoň is a great speaker who can enrich the topic with interesting practical examples, and keep people's attention throughout the training. Although the course was very demanding (the course itself, as well as the homework), all colleagues really like to look back on it. The excellent course score testifies to well above average results, since out of 65 participants, 62 people passed the Practitioner test. A big vote of thanks also goes to Martin's colleagues and the perfect organization of the course setting.      
      Tereza Matoušková
      Project Support Office Manager

Personally, I highly recommend attending the PRINCE2® course to everyone who is looking for comprehensive project management training. Martin Klusoň is a top expert who can easily present formal project management methodology to attendees, enriching it with his practical experience and pinpointing any potential weaknesses in projects. The quality of training, organization and support by the whole Symphera team created a pleasant atmosphere during the whole course and helped me to pass the final PRINCE2® exams.

      Marika Hačecká
      EU Marketing, CRM, Deutsche Telekom AG

The internal course "Introduction to Project Management" under the guidance of Mr. Martin Klusoň completely fulfilled our expectations. The entire team being trained welcomed Martin's knowledge and experience in project management. Martin as a teacher is able to captivate and show, using practical examples, how you can easily turn theory into practice. I personally admire his ability to keep the attention of all attendees, even after lunch :).
Even some time after the course, I can say that it was definitely a good investment. It will be our pleasure to cooperate with Symphera again.
       David Herboczek
       Regional HR Manager
We began our cooperation with Symphera Ltd. and tutor Mr. Martin Klusoň, in 2010. In particular, we appreciate his professionalism and practical experience with managing projects, mainly in the area of implementing information systems.
In the autumn of 2011 we decided, after our personal participation experience of Symphera open courses, to plan an internal seminar based on PRINCE2® project management methodology for key members of our project management department. The seminar has been rated as high quality, focused mainly on the practical use of PRINCE2® methodology for KVADOS, Inc. needs.
As participants said - "The trainer knows what he is talking about," which we see as the greatest added value of the course provided.
        Martin Hamala
        Director of Project Management department
I have always said that nobody can get better training on project management than from Martin Klusoň. Now the managers in my team have convinced themselves of it. Although the training, including the final Practitioner exam, was quite challenging, I have received only positive feedback. Unanimously, they were all thrilled! Thanks for the excellent cooperation!        
        Radomír Antoš
        VP Engineering, Brno
Symphera's PRINCE2® certification training was correctly tailored for our needs in an AGILE operating environment. Organizational training has already made a great impact to unify diverse project teams and functional groups into a single knowledgeable unit.       
       James Nichols
       Team Manager, USA, Virginie
I highly recommend Symphera's PRINCE2® training to all candidates who need to apply a structured approach to their project management in practice. The course was systematically arranged, and even though it is largely about theoretical methodology explanation, I can say that, thanks to the talent, experience and energetic approach of Mr. Klusoň the tutor, all the information came to be perfectly summarized in a relatively short time. To help cope with the course I definitely recommend not underestimating your preparation before the course, so as to avoid unnecessary stress during the training. Thank you for a new perspective on project management and I look forward to using all the knowledge in practice.       
      Vladimír Vojtíšek
       Country ICS Manager
Martin Klusoň is not just excellent tutor, he is also the true professional with plenty of experience. The Project Planning training contained a well-balanced mix of theory and practice. We also had a chance to discuss our own issues from our real-world projects, and solved them in the context of the training. It was the same with the PRINCE2® methodology, which was also explained by drawing on particular examples from Martin's working experience. I consider the Project Planning course very useful for myself as well as my team.
        Československá obchodní banka, a. s.
        Jan Novák

When I think about the Project Planning course led by Mr. Klusoň, I remember it as one of the best courses I have ever participated in. It is evident that the trainer is the right person in the right place, being not just a theorist and "letter-perfect", but it is obvious he has many years of experience, which are all-too-important for a great tutor. He led the training in such a professional manner, which draw our attention and kept the participants from falling asleep after lunch :). I see the project planning philosophy (the approach to project planning) as very useful and applicable not only for projects, but generally on any of the work duties we face every day.


         Československá obchodní banka, a. s.
         Petra Kubrová
         Finacial Analyst


I would like to thank you for the perfect organization of the PRINCE2® training, as well as for the conduct of the training and especially for the professionalism with which the trainer approached the whole course. I must admit, I haven't met the like approach for a long time and I am very pleased that there is a company of such quality on the Czech market. The certification preparation is, from my point of view, very demanding, but Mr. Klusoň managed it excellently. He was great in relaying a huge amount of different kinds of information to us in such a short time. If anybody were to ask me for my opinion about your services, I would definitely recommend your company.

       Pavel Kvasnička
       Head of Project Management
       Kapsch Telematic Services spol. s r.o.

The PRINCE2® Foundation training was very useful for me and helped me to understand the important concepts and contexts within project management.
I very much appreciate the tutor's quality and the way he presented the course content, especially when he used examples from his own experience. Although the training itself is very demanding in character, thanks to this interpretation it was readily "digestible" :). I definitely would welcome participating in other Symphera training in the future.
         Ing. Filip Rychetský
         Vedoucí projektu

I value the training as well as the trainer, Mr. Klusoň, very highly. The course is mainly about a precise description of project management methodology, presented by any experienced tutor-. Mr. Klusoň's combination of practical experience and knowledge was so effective that it enabled me to understand the very depths of the methodology and its substance. I definitely confirm the need, as advised by the Symphera team, to thoroughly prepare for the course beforehand. Only then is it possible to focus on the methodology details that would otherwise remain hidden in rough outlines.

         Ing. Pavel Kořenek, Ph.D.
         Project Portfolio Manager
I have to say that the content and organization of the PRINCE2® training led by Martin Klusoň was of top quality. I consider it as exemplifying ideally managed training. As for Martin Klusoň, his deep knowledge of the subject is self-evident. In particular, I admire his ability to actively draw all the participants into, what seem at first sight, topics of lesser importance. Martin created a very pleasant and constructive atmosphere, thanks to his humorously presented practical experience which was easy to remember.
My results in the Foundation and Practitioner examinations have only confirmed that this approach was the right one.
         Filip Kupsa
         Project Manager

My esteem for the training's quality is definitely very high. Martin Klusoň is conversant with the PRINCE2® methodology very well, on top of which he is able to effectively convey to attendees the information necessary to master the methodology and pass the certification examination.

         Miroslav Král
         Junior Project Manager

The PRINCE2® Combined Foundation and Practitioner Course was very well organized. I found this course very helpful. I have really enjoyed this training. Special thanks to our trainer Mr. Martin Klusoň and his very friendly and lovely team. I will certainly recommend your company to my colleagues and friends.

         Kamilla Amirova
         Project Manager
It is my pleasure to thank Mr Martin Klusoň for his great PRINCE2® methodology explanation. I would say it is mainly due to him that I successfully managed to pass the Practitioner exam. But a big word of thanks also goes to the Symphera team, which provided smooth support before and during the course, motivating us for the best preparation, which is I think very necessary. At least, from my point of view. Well, once again, thank you!

         Romana Musilová
         Project Manager


Dear Martin,
Back in the office I am still very impressed by the professional and effective training framed within a pictured storyline, which you provided to us in Maastricht - and of course that I passed the exam. I will now continue to put this knowledge into practice.
I felt I should let you know this.
Thanks again!


I have known Martin Klusoň for many years now as a colleague and a trainer from Symphera. It is obvious that his courses are backed up by many years of experience as a very successful Project Manager.


Our company decided to take PRINCE2® as a standard for Project Management. The course we took with my colleagues provided great value, and the way in which it was conducted was a pleasant surprise for us. An excellent trainer, enriching materials and the hotel environment set a very high standard and made the learning and examination preparation processes enjoyable. And the very best thing,- were the desserts.


Both from the course attendees and their line manager's points of view, Martin Klusoň is without doubt one of the best trainers working for us. He knows the methodology very precisely, his own project results earn a lot of respect and he can pass his knowledge to the course attendees. ”


Well put-together training and the professional approach of Martin Klusoň helped me with my learning of PRINCE2® methodology. It is a comprehensible and practically useful course which will show you why PRINCE2®is so respected. I think that it is a useful tool for everyone who wants to maintain a large and complicated project under control.


If you want to be sure that things will be done on time, properly and to the users' satisfaction, PRINCE2® is the best available methodology for managing IT and technical projects in general. Some may view it as complicated at first, but we had the advantage of having an excellent trainer. The training by Martin Klusoň was attended by representatives from our entire technology team representing Technical Operations, IT, Networking, Telecommunications, and Broadcast Engineering, which I look back on as a great decision.


After years of experience on projects, I can tell the difference made by solid Project Management. PRINCE2® can offer such a difference. I was lucky to be trained by Martin as he shows great experience and is able to pass it on in a form which proves his quality as a teacher. I would recommend this training to everyone.


Martin is, without a doubt, one of the best European PRINCE2® trainers. The feedback from the participants in his training courses confirms this view. They very much appreciate his ability to clarify complex points and his understanding of reality, having undertaken many projects in many situations, enabling him to relate to their situations.


We enjoy working with Martin Klusoň and Symphera very much. He is helping us to apply the well-proven principles of managing people and projects so that they lead to the appropriate use of resources and also that our deliverables would be implemented on time and in excellent quality.


“Martin Klusoň connects two worlds, which complement perfectly. On his trainings one can tell, that Martin is not just a trainer, but he's got a whole range of hard and complex projects behind him. And as a Project Manager, he gains from excellent knowledge of the methodology.”


Our teams, who develop key products for the world's largest telecommunication companies, can't afford any mistake or delay. Symphera's project courses are helping us to achieve this. Their courses are built on a rare combination of experience in Project Management, an excellent mastering of the methodology and due practicality. Such a combination is generally very hard to find.