Social responsibility

As a training company we are fully aware of the importance of education for quality of life, and the influence it bears on everyone’s life in all manner of aspects. We are also conscious of our responsibility, not just for the environment we work in and come into contact with, but toward others, who are less fortunate in their life circumstances than we are, while adversely affected by them.

On the other hand, we do not want to contribute just with money and thus encourage recipients to become dependent, not fending for themselves. We are not great believers in social subsidies. Instead, we prefer to give people the opportunity to stand on their own two feet.

Nor do we believe in anonymity. This is why we have looked for an alternative way of helping, since there are many other organizations getting involved with similar initiatives. We have thus signed up for participation in a project we can contribute to directly. We don’t just contribute as a company, but also as individual members of the Symphera team, not least the company’s chief executive..

Our sponsorship

Not everyone has the chance to get an education. Many are denied educational opportunities, be it for financial or other reasons. As a company in the education field, we know full well just how important education is for personal development, not forgetting advancement of one’s living standards.

Accordingly, we decided in 2011 to help improve the situation, by focusing our assistance on those we consider the most needy: children in families who live on or below the poverty line.

To our minds, such help is part of our company culture. We shall be very grateful to have you join us in this cause.

The Philippine School programme

Although the Philippines have free, state schools, for those at the lowest rung in society education is still too pricey. Even in the state schools, parents are obliged to make a financial contribution to numerous projects related to their children’s education. On the other hand, there is such ovecrowding in classrooms that the academic results of children are poor. Many people thus prefer to send their children to private schools, where their children not only get a better education, but also partial or full financial support for their studies.

2010 saw the launch of a school for the very poorest, who cannot afford paid education. Pupils here are educated entirely thanks to sponsorship funding. The school started out with 45 children in three classes - kindergarten, nursery school, and pre-school preparation. The school has now opened 4 classes – nursery school and from 1st to 3rd grade. There are now 91 pupils of school age.

The school is primarily focused on educating children, but also works with the entire family and provides food for the children as much as it is able to.

You can find more information on the school’s official website.

Symphera is helping

  • • We support the school both financially and materially, this year we donated two computers to the school’s tuition and administration.
  • • We have signed up to the „Sponsor a child" programme, under which we cover the schooling costs of a particular child. It is our pleasure to present “our” child, Efreylen.

Efreylen is 5 years old and is the eldest of three children in the family. She has two younger brothers. Her father works far from home (in Manila) and is able to send home only a small financial support.

The annual cost of Efreylen’s tuition comes to some 360 dollars.

This covers:
    • tuition
    • school uniform
    • utensils
    • a share in regular meals provision, ensuring the children get good nutrition
    • pastoral activities for the children’s families
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